I got everything I need right here with me. I got air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper. I mean, I love waking up in the morning not knowing what’s gonna happen or, who I’m gonna meet, where I’m gonna wind up. Just the other night I was sleeping under a bridge and now here I am on the grandest ship in the world having champagne with you fine people. I figure life’s a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it. You don’t know what hand you’re gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you… to make each day count.

“Love is fragile. And we’re not always its best caretakers. We just muddle through and do the best we can. And hope this fragile thing survives against all odds.” 

—The Last Song (2010)

You were dead! Your heart stopped!

Juliette & Avery Deleted Scene

Candice Accola & Joe King Wedding
New Orleans, Louisiana - October 18, 2014

Hope.It is the only thing stronger than fear.”

Liana Liberato and Luke Bracey as young Amanda and Dawson on set.

@sophiabush: Basically the best.
@sophiabush: Basically the best.

Just a ball and chain.

Just a ball and chain.

Although lacking in many departments, Effie Trinket has a certain determination I have to admire.